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Soubir Bhatt Introduction • Entrepreneurs Have No Retirement Till Life is On. • Age is a Random Combination of Digits. • Thirst for Knowledge Never Ends. • Parents & Well Wishers are Your Stockholders, as they are Investing their Hopes & Dreams in You. • Never be Disloyal to Your Motherland • Be Proud of Your Culture & Heritage. Soubir is an Entrepreneur, Diplomat and Aspiring Lawyer by Passion and currently holding the office of the Global Chairman at V&E Consulting Group Ltd, which is a Global Consulting Firm headquartered in London, United Kingdom, with Global Centers in Mumbai & New York. He is also the Chairman and Senior Managing Director of a Business Conglomerate Group – Venture & Explore Ltd (UK) and it’s Indian Entity – V&E Holdings India Pvt Ltd, which has 5 E Commerce Brands, Luxury Real Estate, International Trade, FMCG , Media & Publishing, Medical Group. Co-Founder & Executive Director of Healthy Drinks Switzerland Based in Lugano , Switzerland which specializes in Formulation and Manufacturing of Healthy Drinks made from Swiss Herbs.

About the Author: “Having a distinguished career of 15 years in Information Technology with the top MNCs is not enough when someone has stories to tell to the world. Writing comes as naturally as breathing to Ramita Sengupta. She is a free-spirited woman who believes binding a soul with boundaries is the biggest crime. So, naturally, whenever she read about the dark history of imperialism in India, the freedom fighters became her heroes. “The Eclipsed Sun” is an attempt to imagine their world and to tell a humane story of passionate love, family ties, and friendship amidst the revolution. A story of passionate love, family-ties, and friendship amidst a revolution… Born in a nation immersed in the darkness of colonialism, Suraj’s struggle with the injustice around him starts early in life. As the nation awakens, a revolution is built in secrecy by a group of men and women of sheer intellect and courage and, most of all, an undying sense of duty towards their motherland. In this turbulent times, Suraj’s life gets riddled with conflicts, failures and tragedies. But there is no dearth of love, dreams, passion, adventures and triumphs in his life, either. “The Eclipsed Sun” is a humane story of the extraordinary courage of common people who built up a revolution that was severe enough to shake the foundation of the biggest colonial power in the world. It is a story of love in every form, against all odds.”