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💫There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.💫Greetings from India’s Leading PR Company Raidonnews.🙏🏻After the 4 years of success of Raidonnews.🎊 By featuring more than 5000+ famous personalities and enterprenuers.🎉We are goino launch our first magazine named
“Founder’s Filter” On 1 January 2023.📘

Half -Page/ Full Page/ 2- Page Article on December 2022

1 Reel video on your story to be shared on our Social Media Platforms.

Participants will receive 1 physical copy of Magazine at their doorsteps.

Participants' Articles will get featured on Daily Hunt, Google News, The Entrepreneurs of India, Raid on News, Multiphase Digital. and Medium.

Magazine Article will get on all our Social Media Platforms.

Video Podcast will be Published on Youtube.


Here are some reasons why
you should get featured in a 
Business Magazine!

Build Credibility

People tend to purchase Services/Products from companies they trust! Getting Featured in a Magazine helps in not just promoting you as a brand, but building credibility amongst people.

Raise Funds for your Start-up

Yes, statistics show that companies, with good PR, tend to receive funding compared to the ones with an average or no PR. 

Getting Featured in a business magazine gives you instant publicity and draws more eyes toward your company, eventually generating more interest in people and investors.

Jo Dikhta hai, Vohi Bikta hai!

By Getting Featured in a Business Magazine, you’re showing the world how far you have come in your life and why people should choose you over your competitors.

Magazine to be Launched Physically and Digitally

All the Participants will receive the physical TEOI Business Magazine couriered at their doorsteps. 

And the Digital Version of TEOI Business Magazine will be available for free on our website

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