Founder’s Filter Magazine

There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.💫

Greetings from India’s Leading PR Company Raidonnews.🙏🏻
After the 4 years of success of Raidonnews.🎊

By featuring more than 5000+ famous personalities and entrepreneurs.🎉

We are going to launch our first magazine named “Founder’s Filter” On 1 January 2023.📘
Our magazine is about upcoming and successful Founders’ biography, history, and contributions to the world.🌍

If you are a founder, you can also be a part of our magazine to become more popular and famous all over India.✨

➡️Get yourself or your company listed in premium Indian publications at great prices.

➡️Build a reputation online with our press release distribution service for your brand.

➡️Let people know about yourself and your success.

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The “Founder’s Filter Magazine of 2023” Magazine is specifically initiated for Founder, who achieved a great height by showcasing the leadership skills that have benefited themselves, their company, society, and India as a whole. We aim to feature Founder’s who have, by using the power of their position, performed exceptionally and are worthy of inspiring others.


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